Top 5 Most Useful Android Apps for Everyday Life

Do the android smartphones you have deserve to be predicated as “smart phones”? Based on research, many android users are not fully utilizing the existence of their smart phones to be useful for everyday life.

It’s a shame that the smartphones we have are only used to run social media activities or play games. Therefore, we should now take advantage of technological sophistication in the form of applications to benefit for of everyday life.

Then what are some of the most useful or beneficial android apps for your daily life? Here are 5 applications.

Most Useful Android Apps

1. Google Fit

You know, this Google application turns out to have a very important role for your body’s health. Yep, Google Fit has a wide variety of sports activity programs to keep your body fit, ranging from jogging, cycling, and more.

Before determining what sports program you want to do, you must first select the exercise program you want to go through, among which are Take 10,000 steps, Active for 30 minutes, or Run 3 times every week.

With a variety of exercise programs that are very beneficial for your health, surely this app becomes a useful app for your daily life.

2. Kompas 360 Pro

Do you include people who like to travel or travel to mountains or something like that? If you are, then you must have the Compass 360 Pro application.

Through this app, you can track the direction of the wind’s eye easily and accurately.

The accuracy of DavidJanuzai’s compass application is certainly unquestionable, as evidenced by the large number of users pouring rating as well as positive reviews of this application.

So, for those of you who have a hobby of doing outdoor activities, this app is certainly reliable.

3. Microsoft Office Mobile

As we know, Microsoft Office represents an important program that must be on every one’s computer.

This software developed by Microsoft is very helpful for those of you who want to do schoolwork, college, or office.

Well, with Microsoft Office Mobile coming on android, you no longer have to rely on computers when you want to make or edited specific tasks, such as creating tables, presentations, etc.

4. Adobe Reader

It’s no less important than Microsoft Office, where Adobe Reader is an important software commonly installed on computers.

As time goes by, Adobe is now developing its flagship program for android smartphones.

Through this office application, you can access various programs that you might not have been able to access, such as reading files .pdf format, reading books, novels, magazines, etc.

Oh yes, recently the developer added a new feature, which is Scan Documents.

The presence of this feature is certainly very much welcomed enthusiastically for its users. Yep, it’s because they just need to do a scan on the document that you want to make into a PDF file. Cool right?

5. Quran for Android

In this age of advanced technology like today, we are certainly simplified in any variety of ways, such as reading the Koran in the form of apps on android.

This Koran app called Koran for Android has a myriad of advanced features, such as verse search, bookmarks, up to tilt down audio support when you want to read letter or certain verses.

With this application present, we as religion-abiding Muslims certainly need no reason not to read the Koran.

Yes, because we can read it anytime and anywhere through the cell phone screen.

Final Words

Well, there comes a line of android apps that are useful for your daily life. If you have other application recommendations that you think are helpful for everyday life, please feel free to share them through the comments column, yes.

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