Top 5 Guitar Learning Applications, Suitable for Beginners

Guitar learning apps can be easily installed on Android or iOS. That way, you who are a beginner will be free to learn anytime and anywhere.

Guitar is indeed a popular musical instrument, many among young people wanting to be able to play the guitar. Because it’s definitely going to be cool when we can play this musical instrument.

In addition, learning to play guitar can also be an exciting activity at home when the pandemic of the corona virus (Covid-19) is hitting Indonesia.

Making use of the smart phone you have, you no longer need to go to the tutoring area to learn how to play the guitar.

Yes, this is because there are several applications you can Install on smart phones to help learn how to play the instrument.

Guitar Learning Applications

Here are the apps that could be recommendations for us to install on smartphones when about to learn guitar.

1. Tuna Guitar

Tuna Guitar Applications tar is used not only by beginners, but also experts in the affairs of tuning guitars. This app includes the best apps for guitar, ukulele, bass, and fits for all string instruments.

No wonder 50 million users have installed the Guitar Tuna app on their smartphones. The features contained in this application certainly provide ease for its users.

2. Guitar Lock Basic 3D

Divide goes to the guitar play course, this one app can be an option to be uninstalled on your smartphone.

Tires available tools are interesting offered by this app. In fact, you can even get basic guitar playing techniques from this app.

3. Bas Guitar Tutor Free

Bas Guitar Tutor Free can be the next best app recommendation for those of you who want to learn how to play guitar.

With this applications breast milk, too, you can learn bass. Almost the same as the previous application, it’s just that the wearer bass is easier because it only needs to press one string.

4. Guitar Chords and Tabs

In addition to Guitar applications Tuna, the Guitar Chords and Tabs app also has a variety of features that make it easier for you to learn how to play the guitar offline.

Guitar Chords application tab Tabs has 800,000 more guitar chords than favorite and up-to-date songs. In addition, the app can also customize for those left-handed.

Since there are two versions, the normal buccaneer and left-handed version. This can also make it easier for you who are accustomed to doing things with your left hand every day.

5. Real Guitar

There are some ken reasons do you have to install the Real Guitar application on your HP. Yes, of course because of the excellence it has, one of them is a very real guitar sound. according to the name of the application.

For beginners, you too learning guitar keys with game modes, such as easy chords, normal, and solo. There is also a recording feature that can convert voice files into MP3 format.

Final Words

That’s it, guys. Some apps to learn how to play guitar that we’ve covered. May it be worthwhile.

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