The 10 Best Apps to Convert Word Documents to PDF

Sometimes when a will send the file to apply for a job, companies require job applicants send the file in PDF form. So also when in the office, to the security of a file, usually a Word document converted into a PDF document. To perform this conversion required the application to convert Word to PDF which reliably.

There are many applications that can do the conversion from Word to PDF, also in the format of JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and others with easy and reliable. There are applications that are free as well as paid. Some applications allow users set the resolution settings like DPI of the PDF results, page size, and many more. The following options of the application.

The Best application to Convert Word Document to PDF


TalkHelper PDF Converter is a converter Word to PDF offline comprehensive and easy to use and has many outstanding features. In addition to change DOCX to PDF, users also have access to the OCR feature default to help extract data text from the image in the Word file. As one of application to convert Word to PDF all-in-one, this software brings the best comfort with a feature conversion Word to PDF partial which gives users the option to change pages or specific page ranges. In addition, it features batch conversion helps user change some Word files to PDF simultaneously. This app gives the best quality results, there is no limit the size of any file, maintaining the original formatting. This app also has some additional tools to separate, combine, and extract only the desired data. Download TalkHelper.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a useful program that allows users to read and create PDF files. Simply download and install the PDF Reader that this versatile and begin to create PDF files by yourself. This app install PDF printer and PDF plugin in MS Word to create a PDF from Word. The Format of the other documents are also supported by this app. For example, to create a PDF from DOC file or a DOCX file, open it in MS Word and click the Create PDF from the menu of Foxit Reader PDF.

PDF24 Creator

App to convert word to PDF is an application that is free. PDF24 Creator you can convert documents Word to PDF. To do so, users should download the application first and install it on your PC. This app is also installing a virtual printer in the user’s PC. When giving a print command from a Word document, the user can choose PDF24 PDF as the current printer from the printer list. When clicking on the Print button, a new dialog box will open and here the user can set parameters like quality, and others.

7-PDF Maker

This software is a special tool Windows to change DOCX to PDF and supports more than 80 file formats without the need for printer drivers. 7-PDF Maker can generate PDF files indexed from the Word file and at the same time maintain hyperlinks from the reference in the original file. A great application to convert word to PDF is that the user can easily make a list of the content of the paragraph from Word without forget that this application is to change DOC to PDF offline without relying on the ghost script. To help users convert Word documents more quickly, this app is equipped with features Shell integration in Windows Explorer for the process of conversion of one click. Also available command line version and it is very useful to facilitate batch conversion.

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional is an application to convert Word to PDF offline that supports both Mac and Windows platforms. The process of saving a Word file into PDF file with the best quality can be done easily. Aside from the process of converting DOC to PDF, this application also allows users to add annotations or notes when necessary. Not only that, if the document has pictures with content text data, this application is able to extract them thanks to the OCR feature by default.


This Program allows to perform the conversion even of the Word document and also file any other Office document. To use it users need to install the program, then send the command Print.

Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro is one of application to convert Word to PDF is the most remarkable for Windows. This software converts PDFS that are compatible. Previously, the PDF document can be opened in PC but when the same file is opened in the smart phone, the file was not compatible.


doPDF is a free PDF Printer or the software maker PDF. The user can change a Word file to PDF easily. This application installs a PDF printer as well as a menu that contains the command. Users can create PDF from Word document by giving the Print command. Another way, namely by clicking the menu and click Save as PDF. The user can set the quality of the results PDF. Application doPDF also has a feature to embed the font.


novaPDF is an application to convert Word to PDF offline which aims to make the process of exchange of documents to be easy and efficient. This app will precisely change the file into a PDF and it can be viewed on any device.

Files can be in the form of workflows, reports, price lists, email, form, or package in format DOCX or DOC. This app can be used as a printer universal and on top of that it features an add-in for Microsoft Office that is useful for the conversion of DOC to PDF directly.


UniPDF is a multi-tool that is suitable for the conversion process of Word to PDF with great results that maintain all the images, text, layout, and format of the original file. With this program, users can change a Word document or multiple files simultaneously.


App to convert Word to PDF becomes a necessity not only for employees, but also the students and the students. With this application is the conversion of Word documents to PDF or into other forms so it is possible. For those who want an application that does not have to pay, available an free.

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