How to Extract RAR Files on PC and Android phone with WinRaR

As a user of the PC, laptop or even HP based on Android operating system, we would save a lot of files with a variety of formats that are sometimes scattered in these devices. Although there is a folder that is very very useful for storing files easily, it doesn’t mean we can’t be the problem. Yes, the number of files stored on the device, whether a laptop, PC or Android phone sometimes affect the performance of up to spend a lot of space in the device.

Some of You may already rely on cloud storage for save files, but some people may still survive with your device’s internal storage. And usually, not a few of the users laptop, PC, even Android phone that rely on software archiver such as WinRaR to save storage space, as well as compress the file size being saved.

How to Extract RAR Files on PC and Android phone with WinRaR

In this discussion, we will share information about WinRaR, and procedures extract the file in the WinRaR, special for You who never uses WinRaR. Here’s his review.

What It Is WinRaR?

As already mentioned before, WinRaR is a software that has a function to archive files in formats RAR and also ZIP. Not only can archive files last, WinRaR can also be used to unpack the RAR file and ZIP already made. This software is developed by a software engineer of Russian origin named Eugene Rashal. WinRaR first released in 1995. Initially, this software released exclusively for Windows. As time goes by, WinRaR then release the command line version to Linux and Mac operating systems. The widespread use of mobile phones based on Android operating system makes an RAR for Android appeared on the market. Up to now, WinRaR has released the version 6.00 for a variety of device types and operating systems, including the latest version from the command line.

The Advantages Of WinRaR

Like other software, WinRaR also has a lot of advantages of its own. In addition can perform compression, archiving and help save space on your device, here are some of the advantages of WinRaR:

  1. File Compression Tools Of The Fastest

WinRaR is a file compression tools of the fastest on the market. To compress large files even once, usually it takes a long time. It’s not just WinRaR course, other products, i.e. WinZip also bears a similar status.

  1. Equipped Virus Scanner

You don’t need to worry about the presence of the virus in the files using WinRaR to extract the file, especially for the file that You’ve downloaded from a particular website. This is due to the presence of built-in virus scanner that has become built-in features of WinRaR.

  1. Equipped With Password Manager

Another advantage possessed WinRaR is a password manager. Password manager can help You to manage passwords from a file-specific file that is locked using a password which is relatively difficult. You also don’t need to worry about files that You have will leak, because WinRaR is supported encryption technology Military-grade AES 256-bit that makes all files are safe and can be protected using a password.

  1. Valid Lifetime

If You purchase WinRaR license, You don’t need to be afraid with the subscription runs out or needs to be updated. Why? Due to license any of the products WinRaR this is a perpetual license that is valid for a lifetime.

  1. Multilingual

You can’t speak English? Calm, WinRaR has many language options, including English. In addition to English and Indonesian Language, there are many options other languages that number reached more than thirty languages of different countries.

How to Extract RAR Files on your PC or Laptop with WinRaR

After discussing the advantages of WinRaR, Carisinyal will provide information about how to extract RAR files on your PC using WinRaR. Caranya gampang banget, kok. Here are the steps.

  1. Download WinRaR

The first step, please download WinRaR on the official website. The site itself there are two, namely and For example, we use its main sites. Here, available WinRaR are in Indonesian language. Please open a browser on your PC or Your laptop, then go to the main site WinRaR at address Then scroll to the bottom, to appear a lot of options to download the language options are many.

  1. Install WinRaR on Your PC or Laptop

The next step, do the installation process WinRaR. First of all, double-click on the application installation WinRaR. If so, please click ‘Install’ to install WinRaR. Once done click on the button that says ‘Install’, You will be asked for confirmation to advanced concerning the association of WinRaR with certain file types, display WinRaR and shell integration. Please adjust to Your needs. If so, please click ‘OK’.

  1. Extract The Files

If it is found, please right click on the file, then select the option ‘Extract to “File Name” to extract them into a new folder with a similar name. For You who want to extract the files to a folder or a specific directory, please right click, then select the option ‘Extract Files’.

How to Extract RAR File in Android phone

Well, after the last share information about how to extract RAR files on your PC or laptop, now we will review how to extract RAR files on Android phone. Here are the steps:

  1. Download and Install RAR for Android

The first step, please download and install RAR for Android in Your Android phone. The application can You download directly in the service Google Playstore.

  1. Extract the RAR File

You can directly click and hold on the RAR file, then select the option ‘Extract Files to “Folder Name”. If it is, there will be a folder with the name similar file RAR-nya that contains the files are already extracted. To extract the files to the same folder with the folder where You save the. RAR file – please click ‘Extract Here’. Thereafter, the files will be extracted to the folder where the RAR file is.


Finished already discussion with us about how to extract RAR file with WinRaR, along with information about WinRaR him. If You have additional information about WinRaR, please submit via the comments column, yes.

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