How to Easily Restore WhatsApp Chat Deleted

You are probably already familiar with the Whatsapp application. Now, almost all of the smartphone users must have Whatsapp. This application is an application that replaces the way we communicate. SMS and phone calls that used to be done, now replaced with the application of Facebook is. Interestingly, WhatsApp not only presents the ability to share text or sound. This app also can be the means sending pictures or videos. In fact, WhatsApp can be used on PC. All done very easily through this one app.

The number of WhatsApp users a lot of this can not be denied makes a lot of people can not escape from this one app. Because it’s part of life, it is inevitable, WhatsApp data often fulfil Your phone. This makes You need to do the removal of the messages manually, recall WhatsApp messages are not stored in the Cloud automatically. Unfortunately, manual removal is often endless sense of regret because You may want to see messages that have been deleted.

How to Easily Restore WhatsApp Chat Deleted

To that end, this time will be discussed how to restore WhatsApp messages deleted. Just consider the detail of his article here.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat that is Missing in Android

Actually, the loss of chat in WhatsApp don’t need to worry. Because, WhatsApp already provides a feature that allows You to restore your chats WhatsApp. You just need to do the settings backup chats first. To set up chats backup, You need to sign in to the settings section in WhatsApp. In Android, how can do the following steps.

  1. Open the Whatsapp application in Android.
  2. Then, click the three dots at the top right corner.
  3. Next, select the settings menu that is in the final choice.
  4. After that, You can directly click on Chats.
  5. Will automatically appear some options. You just need to click on Chat backup.
  6. Here will be instantly displayed some term and condition. However, before You click backup, it is advisable to set some settings in doing the backup, such as the back up to Google Drive, Accounts, Back up over, and also include videos.
  7. Use your Google account to back up your WhatsApp chat. You will be given the option to do auto Backup can be done daily, weekly, or monthly.
  8. If you are finished, WhatApp will perform a backup of the chat by the amount of data there. If a lot of photos and video, of the size will be even greater.

Well, if one day all the messages in Your WhatsApp deleted, You need to do is simply do a backup in that section. All the messages that were not there, now You can access back. It can also be applied if You have got a new HP or HP who used to do a factory reset.

While for chat messages directly to another person, can be archived easily. For example, You want to archive a chat or a chat with Your partner, You simply perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Whatsapp application in Your Smartphone .
  2. Choose Whatsapp chat that You will save. Here You choose based on the people who do the chat with you, yes.
  3. If you had to choose, goes directly into the chat with the friend You want to save the chat-her. Then, directly click a symbol of three dots at the top right corner.
  4. After that, You can directly select the menu more in the choice of the most under.
  5. Furthermore, there is a menu of email and chat You right click the menu to save Whatsapp chat through e-mail.

If Your conversation with Your partner erased, You can see the archive of the conversation through the email already explained that.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat that is Missing in iOS

To backup or backup chat on your iOS device, how more or less the same with Android. It’s just, You have to go wearing your Apple ID and have iCloud service. Of course usually iOS users have a storage capacity of iCloud. To back up your chat on iOS. You just need to do the following.

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings
  2. Select Chat
  3. Select Chat Backup
  4. Next, Select Back Up Now.

You can also do automatic backup or backup chat automatically by selecting the option “back up Automatically” or “Auto Backup” in English. To archive a chat with someone, to do the same with Android users. Just to restore the chat that is already archived, iOS users can easily do it. The trick is to just shake your phone to then choose the option of cancellation of the archive chat.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat on Android and iPhone Without Backup

How to restore chat WhatsApp which is already described earlier, certainly very helpful. Only, not all people have the time or had time to do a backup chat. There are conditions people forget to do backup chat or archive a chat on WhatsApp. When the chat, including data, photos, images, and sound is lost, and has not had time to do a backup, of course this will be a problem. Especially if the data is very important. However, do not worry because now there is iMyFone ChatsBack. This app allows You to get deleted messages even when You do not do a back up chat or backup chat. You don’t need to worry about the app iMyFone ChatsBack, this App has got excellent ability and powered from a trusted developer. The advantages of this application is as follows.

  • Got the feature of advanced technology which ensures the highest success rate to restore chat WhatsApp lost, even before it got backed up.
  • Claimed to recover 100 percent of the messages and attachments to WhatsApp deleted with good security.
  • Feature to see the message first before returned. This is very important, if the message is not important, certainly not need to bother to do the restore or recovery.
  • Do the scanning and recovery WhatsApp messages with 4 different methods.


The above ways of great help if you need a message or a chat that contains important data. First there iMyFone ChatsBack that will help a lot of people who often forget to back up your chats. Therefore, it is important for You to not delete WhatsApp. Do backup chats periodically, if the message in Your WhatsApp is quite important. If necessary, turn on the auto backup option so You can regain access to the chat that may be important to look back on later in the day.

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