An Android application that must be Owned in 2022

Google Play Store is home to millions of Android apps the most advanced available today. Start of the app player to application tracker ghosts You can find there.

Well this time we will review a list of the app’s most advanced Android the most widely used today. Range of application this will provide the features that You’ve probably never imagined before.

An Android application that must be Owned in 2022

Smart Tools

In accordance with the name of the app, Smart Tools is indeed an application that is really smart and very complete. With just one app, You can do a lot of things, like measure the length with a ruler and tape measure. Not quite up there, the one app Android is also equipped with the feature of light to be used as a flashlight. Still want to know other features? There are also features speed, location, mirror, stopwatch, metal detector, and other. Want to use this app? Unfortunately no longer free. If interested to try it, please buy this app in the pages of Play Store them.

Google Assistant Go

Nah, aplikasi Android tercanggih this time coming from the developer Google LLC. Why say sophisticated? Therefore, with this application, You do not need to bother typing. I mean, when You want to travel and search for the location on the GPS, You just need to talk and let the app Google Assistant Go find it for You. Not just to find the GPS location of course, because You can also browse without typing. You just need to talk and Google Assistant Go directly search for the things You want to know on Google. Really like having a personal assistant, yes.


This one app can send all of Your files with any format. You can send images, videos, songs, office, and much more. Interestingly, SHAREit also mengkkaim able to send files faster than You rely on bluetooth. Recorded, SHAREit can send files with a speed of 20M/s lho! Sophisticated again, this app is not just to send the file only. Because, SHAREit also has the feature to watch the video from various sites. In fact, You could watch it online. She exclaimed, SHAREit also provides the feature of searching kagu and instantly listen to it in SHAREit. Very complete, yes?

Screen Mirroring – Cast Phone to TV

Screen Mirroring – Cast Phone to TV is an application that helps You transmits the small phone screen to your big TV screen in high quality and speed of real time. You can easily access all types of media files, including mobile gaming, photo, music, video & e-book in wide screen. With this application, You, for example, can enjoy the collection photos Your family together. Or if You have a file film family in your phone, You also can turn it around on the TV to you can enjoy with Your family.


Ever think about TEXTING on PC? Well, if You want to do text or send and receive SMS through PC, then we suggest to download Android apps cutting edge of this one. Yes, Pushbullet is an application that allows You to do SMS on PC. With Pushbullet app, You can send and receive SMS right in your Android phone. In addition, Pushbullet is ready to provide notification if there is an incoming message and open it in Your PC. Very simple, yes?


To be able to run a variety of activities automatically in Android, You need an app Tasker. Although priced at Rp47 thousands, but the price is very worth it for this application. Because, Tasker can automatically turn on and off various functions on Your Android. One example is the ability of this application to turn on WiFi when at home, and turn it off when out of the house. In addition to the application Tasker can also be combined with applications IFTTT that will make it increasingly looks sophisticated.


Arguably, Shouter is a reminder app for You. As the name suggests, this app is ready to remind its users in any case. For example, the Shouter will provide notification about battery power Your phone at this time. Then, Shouter will also give you notifications such as voice reminder. Get the app by clicking here.


There is another application Android application that You can use, IFTTT. This is an simple but very helpful. A little bit of information that the app IFTTT is already working with some other apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Google drive, Instagram, and other. Well, with the merger of some of this app with IFTTT, will certainly facilitate You in doing your activity in other applications. For example, You like me-likes a few tweets, then You want to search for tweets in likes. Does not need to be complicated, use IFTTT as bookmarks for the tweets You’ve already likes. Easy, right?

EVA Facial Mouse

HP sense of the PC, maybe it is a brief overview regarding the application of the EVA Facial Mouse. Instead it means You can do all the activities of PC in HP, yes, but You can find the cursor on the screen of Your Android. How can that be? Certainly can with this app. Yes, the EVA Facial Mouse allows You to display the cursor on the screen of Your phone. Interestingly, You do not need to touch the screen of Your phone. With this app, You just need to menggerakkkan Your hands to the screen and EVA Facial Mouse will show the cursor in the direction You want. Sophisticated, right? Want to try? Download here.

IR Universal TV Remote

Like the dizziness lost or forgot to put the TV remote? If You love to experience such a thing, it means You need an IR Universal TV Remote. With this app, You can conjure HP Android into a TV remote in an instant.


That’s a wide range of Android apps the most advanced that You need to have. With a wide range of applications such activity You will be much helpful. In addition, Your Android device will also be more sophisticated looking than the other. If there are other applications that have not been listed in the list above, please share it with us in the comments field.

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