6 Indonesian Artists Who Create NFT and Metaverse

The presence of an NFT or Non Fungible Token (NFT) up to a metaverse slowly but surely, has a large magnet. Not just from business people, a number of Indonesian artists have started to enter the blockchain-based business.

They don’t want to waste the opportunity of benefiting from crypto, NFT or metaverse.

Some of the artists have started this business since last year, but some of them have only jumped after being highlighted by the success of Ghozali Everyday, Dian Nuswantoro University student who suddenly became milliuners because of his selfie photo A sweet bestseller on NFT’s retail platform, opensea.io.

Check List of Artists Who Create NFT and Crypto

Summarized from various sources, the following is a list of artists who create NFT and crypto businesses

1. Luna Maya

The former lover of Ariel Noah is arguably the pioneer of the NFT business among Indonesian celebrities. The reason is, Luna Maya has collaborated with the Japanese creator of NFT, Tokau, in June last 2021.

Along with the creator, Luna Maya launched a limited number of digital works, which are only 10 items. The collection was named “Luna Maya Queen of the Moon”.

As for her artwork, NFT made by Luna Maya is MP4 video.

2. Anang Hermansyah

Anang with his wife, Ashanty released crypto tokens to the Non Fungible Token (NFT) market called ASIX to the NFT market developed with metaverse expert of IDM Token, MC Basyar.

The crypto token ludes sold during the limited release of the pad last January 27. Later the token can be used in NFT-based games that carry the theme of traditional Indonesian games, some of the games which are Kites, Congklak, Komodo Legends, and We Are Papua.

Based on data from Coinmarketcap token ASIX only has a maximum total supply of as much as 10 trillion. From the movement of the price of ASIX tokens, according to data from Coinmarketcap, the price of ASIX has increased by 25 times.

In addition, Ashanty’s husband also plans to create their own virtual world entitled Nusantaraverse. Even though it was reprimanded by Bappebti, Anang Hermansyah’s Token ASIX is getting more serious about being pursued by the singer ‘My fool’.

3. Wirda Mansur

Preacher’s daughter Yusuf Mansur, Wirda Mansur announced that it has just launched a crypto token of its creation called I-Coin. The move adds to a long list of celebrities who are jumping into the crypto world.

Wirda such things on his personal Instagram account @Wirda_Mansur. Meanwhile, Yusuf Mansur said Wirda’s big goal was blockchain, the NFT token the princess sold was the opening gate for that way.

4. Syahrini

From among the singer, there was Syahrini who sold Syahrini’s Metaverse Tour through Binance NFT last December and reportedly sold directly.

According to the sample the image in Binance, NFT Syahrini, depicts a lilac-colored woman with glasses typical of the singer.

The work was sell for 20 BUSD or about USD 19.99. In addition to the Metaverse Tour, Syahrini also offers NFT Games.

5. Raffi Ahmad

Company owned Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Rans Entertainment, are currently soaring to the point of exploring a number of business lines. The Sultan Andara’s cultured artist, through Rans Entertainment, will grow a new business in the metaverse world.

His new business was named RansVerse. RansVerse is a new business still waiting for its release date. In creating RansVerse, Raffi Ahmad captained several teams such as, VCGamers, ShintaVR,UpBanx and Rans Animation.

Everything is focus on the project Metaverse Rans Entertainment dubbed as RansVerse. It is said that RansVerse will launch in mid-June or July this year.

6. Reza Arap

When Ghozali Everyday viral, Reza Arap is known to be one of the artists who bought Udinus Semarang’s student selfie work.

Not only colector, but Reza Arap has also released his NFT, namely the Smoking Kills Rezarap, the 2016 Rezarap, and the Purple Pacifier Rezarap.

Personnel The Weird Genius markets its digital work through one of the largest NFT platforms in the world, OpenSea.

Final Words

NFT and Crypto businesses are now widely loved by public figures. How, interested in trying it?

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