5 Technology Trends in 2022, What’s Wrong?

Entering 2022, technology development is accelerating, and many technologies are emerging that are believed to provide ease to mankind.

What’s more, we are currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution with many developments in the field of technology increasing. There are many trends the ecology that sprang up this year.

Yes, at the beginning of 2022 there are some important discoveries characterized by the presence of the Internet of Things, machine learning, to Artificial Intelligent memes the antum of human life becomes easier.

Then what technologies are trending in 2022? Here are 5 of them:

Technology Trends

1. Existence of 5G networks

Many have fulfilled and see the existence of 5G network, due to several benefits aspects such as more stable connections and super fast upload and download speeds.

In Indonesia itself, the existence of 5G network is only limited to trial, because it is still hampered by various limitations such as the expensive supporting infrastructure.

Trend of 5G technology will be a boom in 2022 and in many countries with cheaper data packet offerings, wider reach and fantastic network speeds.

2. Computer can identification facial

Existence of sensors that Being able to read faces on cell phones has become commonplace that many of us encounter.

However in the year 2022 similar technologies are likely to be applied to personal computers (PCs).

Many technologies are adoption of facial sensor prowess, as it is considered safer than on safety systems other than pins and others.

3. Electric and unmanned vehicles

The year 2019 becomes the year in which many popping electric vehicles. Not only electric vehicles, some brands even offer autonomous vehicles.

Some brands that have been these technological sophistication include Tesla, Alphabet and Waymo.

Such vehicles can its function is to brake automatically, drive automatically, set up the system in the car, until it makes changes to the path it goes through.

The market also welcomes innovation this and perhaps next year this technology trend will be increasingly adopted by other companies by bringing out similar products.

Unfortunately, until the beginning of 2022 these no specific rules and regulations have been issued by the government against such electric and autonomous vehicles.

4. Personal healthcare application accurate

Current personalized health care am easily found through health apps. Through this app, we can utilize several services such as asking a doctor directly, buying medicine, set up an appointment with a doctor until getting health tips.

Over such ease, make health applications are becoming more personal. It is predicted that next year this healthcare will also be as popular as it is in 2019, even the service pa will probably improve.

5. Human Augmentation

Probably the word augmentation this human feels foreign to the ear. It should be explained that human augmentation is a field of research aimed at improving human capabilities through technology and medicine.

Through the augmentation process human entanglement, you can improve thinking, decision making to strengthen physically.

The process itself is done through implant installation in the body or can also use glasses, binoculars, etc.

Multiple projects from augmentation of humans is applied to the profession of soldiers to maintain their safety during fighting in battle. It is predicted that this technology trend will further expand 2022 later.

Final Words

Those are some of the technologies that are expected to develop in 2022. May the above information be helpful!

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