5 Music Player Apps That Have Lyrics For Best and Free Android HP

As the technology age progresses, even from mobile phones that can only work receive and do phone calls until there are text messages, games, to music listening features even if they are used up by smartphones today.

For those of you Android OS users there is already a music player app and the lyrics available, so for those of you who want to memorize songs or listen to songs while singing you can use the app for free without pay.

Music Player Apps

5 Music Player Apps That Have Lyrics For Best and Free Android HP

1. Joox

Who doesn’t know this app? This music player app with lyrics was launched in last October 2015.

From its inception this app continued to develop new innovations in its applications. Indonesia becomes third market in offering this Joox, after Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Considering that music is already an indivisible part of the community’s daily life, especially the melee youth technology. In this application you can find lists of songs that hit on the billboard, as well as in the new release feature that contains newly released music.

2. Spotify

Spotify already accessible in Indonesia last March 2016. This app can be accessed by both Android OS users and iOS users, even on computers you can also enjoy it.

Other than users can also instantly listen through its streaming web page. Spotify can be used for free with certain restrictions.

3. Musixmatch

This applications was included in today’s best android music player app, because of one of its advantages that is able to resynchronize all the songs you have on your smartphone with lyric online.

Indonesian song fact, it’s already supported by this app, pulling it back – with all android devices the musixmatch app also already supports to connect with android wear that is definitely connected to smartwatch you have.

Not just That’s it, of all its fittings, on this app also features floating lyrics capable of making existing song lyrics appear on the homescreen so you can sing along to the lyrics tantamount to opening other applications.

4. JetAudio Music Player + EQ

This one application offers a number of features you rarely encounter in other music player applications, one of which is that there are many equalizer effects.

So that the user automatically will be able to configure the sound output to be heard. Not only that, but also this 16MB-sized application is already capable of supporting a variety of the music format that exists today.

His attractive look doesn’t make this app popular with many people. Proven from downloaders who have already reached 5million.

5. Rocket Player

Rokcet player is a fairly well-designed app, its is easy to use as well as its available browse feature makes this android music player app quite easy when you’ve just inserted music files from your PC into your device.

This application media is free at the Goole Play Store. On the other hand, a pretty feature that keeps the app a lot on the go is the lyrical display in it as well as the widget already has to make it easier for you to play music on your smartphone’s homescreen.

Final Words

That’s her fifth music application complete with her song lyrics. Surely this will make it even easier for you to listen to songs while singing.

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