10 Apps Multi Account Best for Android Smartphones

In the era of digital it, sometimes life and work difficult integral. That’s why, you should use a cell phone number of a separate business to personal communication and the work is not well mixed. The problem is only one, most of the messaging application does not allow the use of more than one account at the same time on one device.

As a result, you must be back and forth change account what takes a long time. Fortunately, now there’s an multiakun, i.e. applications that can clone applications that could be put another account without interfering with the original application.

Application Multi Account Best for Android Smartphones

Nowadays, many applications multiakun that can be found in the Google Play Store. But, how can you know which is the best? Well, therefore, please read 10 apps multiakun best for Android kamirekomendasikan for you.

Whats Web – Multiple Accounts Clone App

So can separate WhatsApp account private with a business account, you can use Whats Web by Zee Code SCANNER. Application may have originally going to make you confused, because the interface does not give any instructions about its features. But after you learn, you will realize how useful the app multiakun this. Whats Web features named Whatscan that allows you to use the WhatsApp Web through the app. What you need to do is bring up the QR Code on the screen of your phone, and use the second phone to scan the QR barcode is. And voila, you can access the chat on WhatsApp account of the second. Exactly like WhatsApp Web is real. It does not interfere with the WhatsApp account key attached on the official app. In other words, you can have two WhatsApp accounts at once on one POCKET.

Multiple Accounts (MA Team)

This application is also very easy to use thanks to its interface, which is simple. When first opened, the app will bring up the option for applications the social media can be cloned.

Parallel App – Dual Accounts and Multiple Space (DuoPeak inc.)

This app will be very useful if you pair the Dual SIM Card on your phone. Oh yes, even though this app is to clone the mobile banking app, we really don’t recommend it. Therefore, most of the mobile banking app can only perform verification on the SIM card first. Click here to try the app.


If for any reason Parallel App does not function as you wish, still there is an application named 2Accounts that have similar features. 2Accounts, as the name implies, allows users to have two accounts at once on one POCKET. You can also play two square on one game at once so you can do the grinding easier.
Not only that. 2Accounts also provide VIP paid which presents exclusive features. For example, instead of only two multiakun you can enjoy a number of multiakun unlimited.

Clone App (Arty Product)

Next is the application called Clone App which presents the features of different. Its function is still the same as the application multiakun other, namely to clone any app to be able to set up a second account. As a result, the difference in these colors will create You easier to distinguish between your work account and personal account. When using multiakun app or game, data progress will be saved in a separate folder than the official app, so it will not spill overlap. Interested to use the app multiakun this? Please download here.

Super Clone – App Cloner for Multiple Accounts

Generally, you must purchase the VIP package first to have the features multiakun unlimited. This excess Super Clone, because you can already clone the same application as many times as you want for free! To better maintain your privacy, Super Clone also provides security features like a fingerprint and pattern. This way, you can have a second account a secret that is separate from your main account.

DO Multiple Accounts – Infinite Parallel Clone App

If you do not like any restrictions? If yes, you must try DO Multiple Accounts – Infinite Parallel Clone App at least once. As the name suggests, the frequency to perform cloning on the same application is infinite alias is not limited. But, you have to get a license VIP or watch video ads short each will add to the application cloning if it has been more than two. In addition to the present features of the cloned app, DO Multiple Accounts – Infinite Parallel can also be used to clean the RAM with the features DO Booster, as well as offer Privacy Locker so you can hide app clone containing the accounts of the secret.

Multi Parallel – Multiple Accounts and App Clone

With features that are not much different, Multi Parallel made by developer Winterfell Applab is an multiakun that practical to use. Reservations should be alternated HP, you can use multiple accounts in one device.

Parallel Space (LBE Tech)

If you want to use the application multiakun that does not overload the RAM and internal memory, Parallel Space app developed by LBE Tech this is worth a try, too! Application multiakun has already been downloaded by more than 100 million times and has a size of about 11 MB only.

Dual Space – Multiple Accounts and App Cloner

Dual Space is one of the applications multiakun that is so stable and it will not be easy crash. For you who happy to change the account between your work and personal accounts, Dual Space can meet your needs with practical! No longer need to log out and log in to move your account, you can switch between the two accounts with just one tap away thanks to the Dual Space. Although the two accounts active at the same time, data or receiving messages or notifications will be handled separately.


Yep, now because you already know the wide range of application our recommendation to use more than one account on the HP, you can take advantage of one of them to get the work-life balance. Have one account WA personal and one account WA office, and run both of them simultaneously. Which made you more interested in?

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